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Lakefront and Lakeside

Superior Lakefront Room:

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Room: # 112

This Superior Lakefront Room is in a class by itself.  Located directly on the lake, it boasts a private porch overlooking the lake, spectacular views and easy access to all the waterfront recreational activities that Scotty’s Lakeside Resort has to offer.

Accommodates up to 4 Guests.

Room Features:

This room can not be booked online, please call 518-668-2467 for more information or to book direct.



Lakefront Rooms:

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  • lakefrontking.bathroom
  • lakefrontking.bathroom2
  • lakefront-room-with-one-king-bed-v13039193-800


Rooms: # 61, 62, 83, and 84

Rooms: # 61 and 62 have One King-Sized Bed and can accommodate up to 2 Guests
Room #83 and 84 have Two Double Beds and can accommodate up to 4 Guests

These Lakefront Rooms offer Beautiful Beachfront, Pool and Lake George views from your room and front porch. Located within easy access of the pool and the entire beachfront area, it’s easy to see why these rooms are a guests favorite.

Room Features:

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Lakeside Rooms:

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Rooms: #113-130

These Lakeside Rooms overlook the lake, and have spectacular views and easy access to all the waterfront recreational activities that Scotty’s Lakeside Resort has to offer. 

Accommodate Up to 4 guests.

Room Features:

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