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The Five Most Haunted Places In Lake George NY

There are many haunted places in Lake George NYInterested in exploring haunted places? Then Lake George, NY, should be on your travel itinerary. The area is reportedly rife with spiritual energy, after many turbulent centuries as a key location in the Adirondacks, which some say has left a permanent psychic mark on the region and its buildings. Many are located right in the vicinity of Scotty’s Lakeside Resort on Lake George, and can be easily explored.

Lake George, NY has a long history dating well before European contact, when the area was widely trafficked by Native American tribes. Later, during the colonial era, it was on the front-line of several bloody wars, claiming the lives of countless civilians, soldiers and their Native allies. Believers say the ghosts of these victims are now some of the apparitions you may encounter when visiting Lake George NY’s most haunted spots.

According to sources, the most haunted places near Lake George include:

  1. Fort William Henry

Although the original colonial fort at the southern end of Lake George was destroyed by the French after its bloody capture in 1757, the modern reconstruction of the fortress that now stands on the original site is reportedly home to a host of things that go bump in the night.

It may have something to do with the fatal 1757 siege that spelled its doom, as immortalized in the James Fenimore Cooper book and later film Last of the Mohicans, which is loosely based on actual events. When French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm took the fort in 1757 after accepting the surrender of British Lieutenant-Colonel George Monro, the former denizens of the fort were supposed to be granted safe passage upon their exit. However, Native American warriors aligned with the French ignored Montcalm’s orders and a terrible massacre ensued, with many of the sick and wounded that were left behind slaughtered within the fort, while the British column was ambushed mid-retreat. Some say it left a powerful spiritual mark on the fort and its environs.

In fact, the ghostly presence is supposedly so strong, SyFy’s Ghost Hunters even spent an episode investigating there, experiencing the sound of ghostly boot steps up on the fort walls, among other things. The Ghost Hunters team is often hesitant to say a place is truly haunted, but with Fort William Henry, they were convinced.

The fort offers weekly special ghost tours of the grounds, available by reservation. Admission for the ghost tours is $8 for children ages 5-15, $15 for seniors, and $18 for adults. To make a reservation, call 518-964-6649.

  1. The Lake George Historical Association Building

While strolling through the main Canada Street strip in Lake George Village, you can’t miss the tall, brick building near Shepard Park that houses the Lake George Historical Association (LGHA) local history museum. However, the building was originally the old Warren County Courthouse, built in 1845, and it has a darker past than you might think while viewing it today. That past, some say, is a reason the place is now considered haunted.

A gloomy jail in the building once held imprisoned outlaws, and major criminal trials were held in the courthouse, which was the headquarters for county government until 1963. Visitors and association members have reported numerous unexplained and chilling experiences within over the years. Visit the LGHA website for hours and information.

  1. The Caldwell Cemetery

Many visitors to Lake George do not know that the Village was once called Caldwell, after James Caldwell, an Irish immigrant from Donegal. Caldwell became a successful Albany businessman and owned property on Lake George, prompting him to found the Village in 1810. Caldwell, among many other early Lake George residents, is now buried in a reportedly haunted cemetery bearing his name.

The Caldwell Cemetery, located next to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Lake George Village, may get its supernatural natural energy from the many colonial soldiers—many of them killed by smallpox—who are said to be buried on the grounds, interred long before the cemetery plots you see today. Some visitors to the site claim to hear musket fire, smell burning gunpowder and in some cases, have even seen apparitions. Feel free to explore at your own risk.

  1. Long Island Campground

You’ll need a boat to explore this one. (Learn more about our boating and dock rentals.) Long Island is one of the hundreds of islands on Lake George, however this one has a reportedly dark past that can still be seen today in the form of ghostly occurrences.

The island is home to a large state campground, with roughly 90 sites spread on 100 acres. That may sound idyllic, however in the 1960s, a just-married couple—there on their honeymoon—were allegedly murdered in their sleep. Among reported ghostly encounters, campers have said they’ve seen a spectral bride wandering the grounds of the campsites.

  1. Lake George Battlefield Park

While Fort William Henry (see above) may have been destined for a haunting after its gruesome 1757 siege, the adjacent Lake George Battlefield Park may have started welcoming disembodied spirits a little earlier in September of 1755, when it was the site of the Battle of Lake George, the first of several clashes for control of the neighboring fort.

That Sept. 8, some 1,500 French, Canadian and Native American troops led by Baron de Dieskau clashed with 1,500 colonial troops under Sir William Johnson and 200 Mohawk warriors led by war chief Hendrick Theyanoguin. Some say as many as 700 participants died in the eventual British victory, and contemporary accounts talk of the surrounding woods being filled with the dead.

Today, visitors are free to stroll the grounds where this bloodshed occurred, on self-guided tours with markers. There have been multiple accounts of ghostly sightings over the years, including visions of a Native American, posed the same as the Indian Fountain that stands in the park, and soldiers marching through the woods, as well as the sound of musket fire.

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